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LinkedIn told it cannot stop the bots

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LinkedIn told it cannot stop the bots

So you’re considering changing jobs and quietly make a couple of changes to your LinkedIn profile to ensure it is looking its best for any potential new employer.


But then a third-party service spots that change and alerts your bosses. Uh oh.


That’s the scenario LinkedIn has said it is trying to stop being possible. But a judge in San Francisco has just ruled it can do little to stop third-party companies monitoring LinkedIn’s huge trove of data.


LinkedIn must remove any technical limitations it has put in place to prevent the “scraping” of members’ data, the court ruled. The BBC understands LinkedIn is considering an appeal.


“We’re disappointed in the court’s ruling,” a spokeswoman said.


“This case is not over. We will continue to fight to protect our members’ ability to control the information they make available on LinkedIn.”


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