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Blinc NI want you to get more out of every single click. Our best practice PPC | Pay Per Click | Paid Search campaigns are a key weapon in your digital marketing arsenal. We hold Google Partners Specialist status, and our focus is purely on ROI. We aim to deliver transparent, comprehensive, performance based PPC | Pay Per Click | Paid Search digital marketing campaigns that are optimised daily to produce the best results for you our client.

Paid Search Advertising

Getting your website to the top of a Google Search is an excellent way to ensure that you increase your website’s traffic. To achieve this via Natural SEO takes time, dedication and patience but what if you need to be found today?


Paid search advertising with Google delivers top page visibility immediately. As soon as we agree on a daily budget, complete a keyword analysis and create the perfect landing pages to use then you can go live right away.


Did you know, new Google AdWords advertisers are now eligible for a free advertising voucher worth £75 to £150 to help you on your way.

PPC Remarketing

PPC Remarketing is an excellent way to gain business that might have previously been lost. PPC Remarketing allows our digital marketing gurus to target previous visitors to your website through other websites and online platforms.


Some products or services do not always lead to an immediate purchase or decision. A PPC Remarketing campaign makes sure your business ‘follows’ your website visitors after they leave, this would be by using text, image or video adverts, to remind them of what they were considering and keep your business to the forefront of their decision making process!

Social Advertising

Social Advertising PPC (Pay Per Click) is an excellent opportunity to accelerate the growth of your website audience by targeting specific demographics and interests.


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn offer flourishing paid ad platforms, each come with its very own unique targeting opportunities to increase visibility, brand awareness and user reach for your business.

Display Advertising

Display advertising plays an important role within digital marketing, both for brand awareness campaigns and direct response campaigns. Display, commonly known as banner advertising, can be a relatively cost effective digital marketing method of exposing your business to large numbers of potentially relevant audiences.


Unlike Google search adverts, display adverts appear on live websites rather than in Google search results. These display adverts are delivered through various networks, the largest of which is the Google Display Network with over 2 million websites.

Video Advertising

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine? With over 30 million visitors per day and almost 5 billion videos watched every single day video adverts attract attention like no still image can.


YouTube TrueView video adverts mean that you will only pay when a user watches your advert. There are currently two advert formats available for your business to utilise, In-Display and In-Stream.

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