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It’s not the most exciting aspect of your business’s online life, but it is certainly one of the most critical. The performance, stability and security of your website depends on your hosting. That’s why getting this fundamental requirement to fit your business perfectly is critical. But it’s not as simple as getting hosted and then going online. There are a large number of web hosting options available and choosing the option which will work seamlessly with your website can be a challenge. Fortunately, what Blinc NI’s team of digital marketing gurus don’t know about web hosting options isn’t worth knowing. We work closely with you to find your ideal web hosting solution, then use our technical skill to get you online.

Decisions, decisions…

Shared hosting, VPS, dedicated server hosting, geographic & service redundant complex infrastructures… There are a lot of choices to be made about which type of hosting will work best for your business. Our goal is to make your choice as hassle free and cost effective as possible. We’ll get to know your online business and how you work, look closely at your digital needs, then recommend a selection of options – in plain English.


Once you’re happy with your choice, we’ll implement your hosting solution, whether you’re setting up an entirely new web application or simply moving an existing website. No faff, no fuss, just the right fit for you.

You have our full support

All of our hosting solutions are fully managed. This means that, if you ever need help with your hosting, we’ll be there. From sorting out SSL certificates and dealing with your DNS, to disaster recovery – we’ve got your back.


The biggest issues for almost all of our clients are speed and dependability. We only recommend and implement web hosting which ensures peak performance for your website or application. The services we recommend will increase your uptime and ensure a slick online experience both on site and behind the scenes. That’s great news for your visitors, your reputation, your search engine optimisation and your business as a whole.

We're rewriting the hosting handbook!
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Build your website or application on solid foundations

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