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Social Media Management In Belfast

Leverage the incredible power of social media to reach your target audience.


Word of mouth is one of, if not the most powerful marketing tools available for any business. We can best describe social media marketing as, word of mouth on Red Bull. Social media represents a huge shift in the way the world communicates. Social media is transforming the way people around the world interact with businesses and the relationships they build with them. Blinc NI (Social Media Management In Belfast) will help your business harness the power of social media to drive revenue and charge you ahead of your competition in today’s highly competitive digital marketplace.


Social media management (Social Media Management In Belfast)


Blinc NI (Social Media Management In Belfast) provide social media management for businesses in all types of sectors that don’t have the time, energy and or expertise to manage their own social media channels.


Social media isn’t about posting content then simply forgetting about it. Our digital marketing gurus will engage with your online community, answer any enquiries and manage the frontline customer service requirements for our clients (If required).


We aim to ensure the social media work we do is fun and interactive in order to engage with your potential clients, but we will never lose sight of your ultimate marketing goal – to attract new customers and then build strong relationships within your existing customer base.


Social media advertising (Social Media Management In Belfast)


Do you want to reach a new audience, grow your social following or simply drive more traffic to your website?


Sometimes using natural SEO (Organic) alone will not deliver the impact your digital marketing campaign or business requires. For this reason Blinc NI (Social Media Management In Belfast) may look to using social ads. Whether it’s canvas, re-targeting, video or simple page likes that you need, our digital marketing gurus will work out the most efficient and cost effective strategy for your desired ROI.


Blinc NI (Social Media Management In Belfast) will build your social marketing campaign, define your best target audiences, manage your social ads, optimise where required and report on everything.


B2B social media (Social Media Management In Belfast)


Building a campaign to market a low-value product to an individual and marketing a 100k plus software package need very different approaches.


With backgrounds in B2B tech marketing, our team understand the long-sell and the role that social plays in that journey. They understand the need to talk to multiple stakeholders and build brand exposure within the entire client organisation.


Our clients use us for everything from building a b2b social selling strategy, creating an employee advocacy programme or simply manage their business social presences.


Social media likes are great, leads are better


Arrange a free social media review and see how our team can help your business be social! To get started today, call our team on XX or drop us an email at

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