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The Future of Social Media Is Here

It’s time we talked about how you’re using social media. That’s right, this is an intervention.   We’re concerned about what you’re doing, and more importantly what you’re not doing. Your lack of adoption of new channels. Your total disrespect of mobile first users. Your reluctance to try video. Your fear of spending money on social ads. Your results. We’re concerned.   We bring up these concerns out of...

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The 5 Best Messaging Apps for Marketing in 2017

Remember only being able to send 1,000 texts each month?   My mom definitely remembers our phone bills when I doubled that amount every week in middle school.   Thankfully, companies created messaging apps to provide free and unlimited messaging, which was a refreshing solution for rigid text message limits and their lofty costs.   But messaging apps refused to be just another form of text messaging. They kept innovating and...

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